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The army clothing has undergone a lot of modifications since it was first developed and adopted by the United States. It went through many types of camouflage patterns. Most of these patterns are dependent on the environment where they are used. The most notable among these variations are the dessert battle dress or also referred to as the chocolate-chip camouflage and the night-time desert grid battle dress uniform. It was on the Persian Gulf War when both of these military uniforms were first used. The US military researchers have found out that the six-colour camouflage pattern doesn’t always work in all desert regions because of the varying environments. The different colours of rocks, sand, and sometimes the existence of vegetation hinders the six-colour pattern version of army clothing to work as expected. After studying colour and vision, they have come up with a three-pattern version. This version of military uniform was embraced by a larger faction of the military. It was the version used by the US Armed Forces during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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Familiarizing Yourself with Flight Suits

Helicopter Pilot Training SchoolIf you have recently joined or are thinking of joining the Helicopter flight school, it is best that you do some research beforehand on the things that you will require in the helicopter training school. The fact that you are going to be a pilot brings you at a point where you are to make a choice on the uniform and flight suit that you are going to wear on the job. Making this choice is not to be easy, especially given the fact that there are many companies who have dedicated themselves to the making of air force suits, military, as well as tactical jump suits.

You may ask why is having flight suit so important? The reason is more or less the same as why fire fighters have to wear a particular uniform before they respond to a distress call. Flight suits are made to keep you the pilot warm even in temperatures way beyond zero. In addition to this, they have plenty of pockets and are very durable especially given the fact that they are fire resistant.

When you are out buying the flight pants, you will come across different materials of the pants. The first that you may find is such as the Defiant flame resistant uniform. This I made out of DuPont NOMEX IIIA fiber. They have several advantages such as;

• Resisting flames

• Protection from chemicals

• Dissipate static

The NOMEX IIIA is a blend of several fibers that do not melt. The pants are available in 6.5 ounce twill, 5-ounce plain weave and 4.5 ounce mil-sec fabric, all f which have their different properties.

The other material you may choose from is the resolute cotton polyester uniform fabrics which as the name suggests is a blend of polyester and cotton. The cotton keeps you cool while the polyester ensures that your uniform is crisp neat, and in great condition for flying during helicopter pilot training school.

Regardless of which material you choose for your pants, ensure that the size is perfect for you therefore might have to take you measurements before making any purchase.

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Fashion Statement Flight Jackets for Helicopter Training School

Helicopter Training SchoolThe flight jacket sometimes referred as bomber jacket is a garment initially created for pilots for wartime usage. It was a balmy, thick jacket which protects pilots from pressure and extreme temperature. Firstly it was used in First World War and become a vital piece of paraphernalia for every member of the helicopter training school. The two historical famous jackets are A-2 jacket and G-1. It was restricted neither to pilots nor to bombardier crews.

These flight jackets are different from normal jackets. The design of these jackets has vaguely some differences depending on the manufacturers. All of them have many unique characteristics like:

  • Made up of leather or polyester having water proof shell.
  • Wicks away dampness and maintain body heat. Highly breathable membrane Wicks away dampness and lessen risk of heat stress.
  • Climate safeguard system.
  • Flame, thermal armors in high altitudes.
  • Inner lining is made up of fleece or light weight silk.
  • Zippered shoulder snap-flap patch pockets on either side including zippered chest pockets.
  • Shoulder strap, adjustable waistband with snap down collar.
  • Back is made up of single piece of fleece to limit stress on the apparel.

Cost of these jackets varies from originals to low leather jackets and the features they hold on. It varies from low cost reproduction US$35 – US$1000 to the high cost reproductions. Laundering of flight jackets is not a very typical task. They can be easily cleaned with granulated mild detergents mixed in Luke warm water. Warm water will shrink the cloth. Start agitation cycle, then start washing machine for wash cycles. Lastly air dries the jacket on a cloth line.

Their recognition evolved into symbols of respect, adventure, and style. Many Hollywood films have boosted the sales of these helicopter schools jackets tremendously. They ultimately became part of trendy culture and fashion items in the current scenario.

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The Modern Day (Helicopter) Flight Uniform for Aerial Cinematography

Aerial CinematographyA g-suit is a special designed flight suit made for aviators who are exposed to high level of acceleration force. Whether you’re in charge of aerial cinematography from a helicopter or piloting an aerial military vessel, these types of suits comes as a standard. The suit is extremely important because it prevents loss of consciousness since there are a lot of accidents registered when aviators do not wear a g-suit.

What Does It Consist Of?

A g-suit usually consists of two parts. There is an upper flight suit covered with special-made trousers which prevent the blood in legs and lower extremities to go down when there is a high level of acceleration. Modern day flight suits also insert a little pressure to heart and lungs also to resist the g-force:

  • Flight Suit
  • Anti-g Suit Trousers


During the first part of the 20th century, there were a lot of cases reported when aviators would lose consciousness during the flight. These often ended fataly for the aviator. Then in 1931, a new center of human gravity was discovered and scientists were one step closer to finding a solution to this problem.

  •  The first g-suit was made in 1941 and used water filled bladders around the legs to prevent blood from displacement (however, the suit was tested in 1044 and pilots complained the suits were too uncomfortable for them).
  •  GPS (Gradient Pressure Suit) was designed in 1943 with an air bladder suit which covers aviator’s thighs and abdomen. This g-suit has been later developed and updated.
  •  Modern g-suits have to meet US Military Force requirements and standards and they are manufactured by G-Forces Manufacturing Nowadays, g-suits can withstand hundreds of operations without a single casualty.

They’re well designed, comfortable to wear and easy to purchase. They’re used in a variety of military domains such as military aviation, aircraft, NATO operations in space, air combat, aviation medicine, helicopter filming, aerial cinematography etc. Commonly used today in Red Bull Air Races.

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