The Latest Army Clothing Design

The army clothing has undergone a lot of modifications since it was first developed and adopted by the United States. It went through many types of camouflage patterns. Most of these patterns are dependent on the environment where they are used. The most notable among these variations are the dessert battle dress or also referred to as the chocolate-chip camouflage and the night-time desert grid battle dress uniform. It was on the Persian Gulf War when both of these military uniforms were first used. The US military researchers have found out that the six-colour camouflage pattern doesn’t always work in all desert regions because of the varying environments. The different colours of rocks, sand, and sometimes the existence of vegetation hinders the six-colour pattern version of army clothing to work as expected. After studying colour and vision, they have come up with a three-pattern version. This version of military uniform was embraced by a larger faction of the military. It was the version used by the US Armed Forces during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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Four Ship-Shape Navy Fancy Dress Ideas

Hi Ho Sailor! So, planning to join the Navy for the night? Well few costumes are more fun than a navy fancy dress costume. You can create that whole uniformed serious but also sexy and fun image that everyone loves about the Navy. Here are some great ideas that should get you going:

1. Navy Sailor
The simplest and best Navy costume is the plain old sailor uniform. Get the Navy-blue cuts – trousers and jacket, a nice crisp Navy cap and a big old confident sailor’s grin and swagger. And you’re 90% there already. It’s a relatively simple costume to throw together and tonnes more fun if a bunch of your mates join you.

2. Navy Girl Costume
For the ladies, the navy girl costume is a great one. lots of navy blue colors, with fresh white and red in there too. You can wear a short navy blue skirt and a white uniform-style shirt. The white navy cap and a regular salute will help finish off the image. And a few red anchors stitched on here and there will help as well! You’ll be sure to get notices this Halloween party.

3. Officer Costume
This one always goes down a treat. A little more difficult to arrange, or expensive to rent, but the naval officer costume is very popular. And it allows you to bring a touch of class to any fancy dress party.

For the full effect you want the crisp white trousers and jacket. With stripes on your shoulders and gold trimming around the cuffs. Make sure you find some white gloves and polish those black shoes until they shine. And of course don’t forget the main element – the officer’s hat.

4. Lady Officer Costume
Equally classy, if you can pull together one of these you will get all the attention this Halloween. It’s very similar to the men’s officer uniform except better to go for a dress or skirt with officer jacket. Plus high heels are fine, black of course. And a nice touch apart from the officer’s hat is a small, yellow scarf around your neck.

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The Modern Military Uniforms

The rich war history of the world as accounted in early manuscripts like the Bible and other ancient scripts of civilization has inspired what we regard now as modern warfare. Techniques, tactics, and technology in the modern wars are rooted from the basic concepts early men of war used. Since the day of the axes and swords, every military in the world has evolved and adapted to the most high end weapons of warfare the peak being the nuclear weapon. All this according to politics is a way to restore or maintain peace – by being military equipped.Aside from the modernization of artilleries, militaries all over the world also advance their air, sea, and land defensive and offensive power by intensifying and developing their transportation. In this we see Russia, US, UK, China, Germany, and other war giants improving their fighter jets, imploring new technology to air combats. We see them develop their war ships and making them bigger and more lethal. We see them employ muscled trucks, SUVs, and tanks to commute ground soldiers where their presence is needed most. All these improvements are happening in just a very short span with every bit of technology being utilized.

Getting near the core of these improvements, the US military does not just after the modernization of their weapons, warplanes, warships, and tanks but as well as their tactics and gadgets. Today, US hold the most advanced weaponry and defense system in the world. They have one of the biggest forces in the world in terms of soldier count. In terms of gadgets, the US employs the most advanced communicating devices and other tools. Even the soldiers’ uniforms are engineered so to adapt easily to the environment the soldiers are exposed to.

The evolution of military uniforms began during the colonization era as a form of segregation. This is to easily know an ally or a field in the battlefield. In ancient Japan, China, and Europe, uniforms are basically used as armors against swords and sharp weapons. After WWI, great nations of great armies developed stealth in uniforms. By integrating patterns in the uniforms and workwear, they create a camouflaging effect.

The US military employs different kinds of uniforms. The classification can be informally named as the battle dress uniforms, corporate uniforms or working dress, and the gala. Each of the classifications also differs according to the branch of the military whereas the Army’s BDUs, corporate uniforms, and gala are different from those of the Marines, Air Force, etc. After the 2nd World War the US adopted different types of patterns for their battle dress uniforms and changed overtime.

Modern Uniforms